Bottle #1 sold at auction Our bottle #1 sold for $4800 with all proceeds to the Great Southern Reef Foundation!

We auctioned off bottle #1 of our first release Founder's Reserve whisky. We're thrilled to announce that it sold for $4800 with all profits going to the Great Southern Reef Foundation!

The Founder’s Reserve is bottled at cask strength of 62% ABV. Our Head Distiller Rob has rated every maturing French Oak ex-Tawny Port cask in the distillery and reserved aside only the highest quality barrels to be bottled as the limited Founder’s Reserve. Bottle #1 is a significant and valuable piece of Waubs Harbour history and one that can never be repeated again.

All profits were donated to The Great Southern Reef Foundation, set up by Tasmanian marine scientists to educate and empower local stewards to protect the climate-affected reef that stretches thousands of kilometres across the bottom of Australia, encircling Tasmania. A reef unknown by so many and the very reef that is a vital part of the maritime environment that’s influenced this very bottle of single malt whisky. Read more on the Great Southern Reef Foundation at

A big thanks to Whisky Auctions Tasmania for hosting the auction.

We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this Land and respect their culture and identity which has been bound up with the Land, Sea, Waterways and Sky for generations.