Meet the Maker From Overeem & Lark to designing his own distillery

There’s not many distillers out there who boast a career that began distilling for two of Tasmania's most renowned distilleries, Overeem Whisky and Lark Distillery, and then go on to co-found the distillery they’d once only dreamt of. But that’s how it went for Head Distiller and Co-founder Rob. However, the story doesn’t start here.

As you will know, Tasmania has become the king of the local, fresh produce that makes the Melbourne-types drool. But even before Tassie was on the must-see list, Rob was quietly, humbly crafting local delicacies to die for.

Picture crafting brie cheese by hand, so creamy it drips off the sourdough. Picture bee hives lined up along a remote ridge line in southern Tasmania producing some of the sweetest honey you’ll taste. Picture dragging a wooden dingy down the creek and out to the ocean to fish for local salmon, to then be smoked at home, all for wood-fired salmon and brie pizzas. Most of us can only picture it but for Rob, that’s living.

When you overlay that with a Masters of Antarctic Marine Science from UTAS, you can see why he was sought after as one of the best in the biz and why the spirit coming off those stills is world class.

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