Exciting News! We're Expanding We can finally share more of our plans with you.

Today we want to share some exciting news with you that's been brewing in the background for some time now.. Waubs Harbour is expanding!

Those of you who've been following our journey these past few months will know that we recently acquired the neighbouring buildings to our distillery and today, we can finally share more of those plans with you!


We've been quietly working away at our distillery here in Bicheno for four years now. Over that time, we've demolished, restored, installed, renovated and of course, distilled. We now have hundreds of casks maturing by the ocean, many of which will still be years before fully matured.

Recently we had the opportunity to acquire the neighbouring three buildings to our distillery, also set right on the edge of the ocean here in Bicheno. This acquisition will expand our capacity to be able to store hundreds more casks, expand our bottling production and gives us the opportunity to create a tasting house and offer a uniquely Waubs Harbour experience.


Bicheno, and where we're located in particular, has a long history with the commercial fishing industry. Crayfish, abalone, scallops and oysters were all fished or farmed on our doorstep and kept the town afloat for decades.

Our existing distillery itself was previously an old oyster hatchery and our new buildings were originally home to an abalone farm, built around 70 years ago. Today, you'll still find cray boats pulling up to unload their haul right outside our distillery and travellers seeking out Bicheno for its fresh seafood.

Fair to say there's a few salty tales that've been told around these parts over the years. Our buildings also tell the story of decades of salt that comes through every crevice, rusting away the salt water tanks, filled directly from the ocean, once filled with abalone (now home to our latest crayfish catch).

Abalone diving in Bicheno in the 60s.
Image: seafoodtrails.com.au

Salt water tanks with tonight's dinner

The hull of the Mary Rosine. One of the many boats damaged in the wild storms of 1972, now proudly sitting on site at Waubs Harbour.

And the story continues.. Old jackets gone and new jackets soon to be hung.


Some areas will be kept untouched in their original condition, some repurposed or restored to their former glory and some made new, adding a Waubs Harbour layer to this story.
We have a long way to go but we're extremely excited for this next chapter of Waubs Harbour.


While today was just a sneak peek, we'll be unvailing more of our expansion plans over the coming months to our email list so if you haven't already, sign up below to be the first to know when we're ready to receive visitors.

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We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this Land and respect their culture and identity which has been bound up with the Land, Sea, Waterways and Sky for generations.