Our Whisky of Choice The releases our Head Distiller and Co-founders call their favourites

Running a whisky distillery, let’s be honest, does involve a fair amount of whisky tasting. There’s the sampling while distilling, tasting throughout maturation, sampling upcoming releases, taking fellow whisky lovers for tours through the distillery (it’d be rude not to join in) and of course, the occasional after work or celebratory tipple. We know, it’s tough.

With the perks of tasting our wares comes a tendency towards specific flavour profiles and casks. One of the most common questions we’re asked is which of our whiskies we personally drink and favour, so today we delve into our favourite whiskies.

Head Distiller & Co-founder, Rob Polmear
“I would never release a single malt whisky that I didn’t stand behind so it is tricky to choose a favourite. With whisky, often your palate prefers different flavours depending on the time of day, what you’ve been eating or the mood you’re in. For me though, I always come back to our Apera Bourbon Cask. It’s a characterful and complex whisky, each time I revisit I find something new. Technically I find it very well balanced, where the oak spices complement the dried fruits, the briny nature of the apera enhance the caramel of the oak, as well as citrus notes paired with creamy malt brings it all together. So this is one right up there and has definitely become a staple on my whisky shelf.”

Co-founder, Tim Polmear
“I often find myself at home wanting a whisky or two at the end of the evening, scanning my whisky shelf. I’m a fan of rich and intense whiskies, typically fortified based, and this usually draws me to our Apera Cask Strength. It’s big and bold and even a small taste leaves a lasting impact, it’s got that intensity I like. If I were to have more than one, I might add a drop or two of water to open it up but it doesn’t need it. It’s a beautiful single malt and has become my pick of our latest releases.”

Co-founder, Bec Polmear
“For me, the whisky I find myself coming back to again and again is our Double Tawny Port. I’m such a fan of port in general and love the richness that the port influence brings. It’s a very approachable whisky which I find myself sharing with friends and family and especially recommending to those who are newer to whisky. I may have kept a couple of bottles aside for my private collection.”

All this whisky talk has made us thirsty.. Let us know your preference via email or social media. For now, it’s farewell and happy sipping.

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