Oceanside Feast & Whisky Experience at Waubs Harbour A great afternoon at our first ever event as part of Tas Whisky Week

We kicked off Tasmanian Whisky Week 2022 with our Oceanside Feast & Whisky Experience at our distillery here in Bicheno. We had an incredible afternoon moving around the distillery site with our guests, feasting on incredible local seafood prepared and cooked in front of our eyes by chefs Andrew Gerstkamp and Duncan Winter and served by Alison Gerstkamp and sipping on Waubs Harbour single malt.

It was such a treat to be cooked for by incredibly passionate and talented chefs with a love of the ocean and a wealth of local knowledge having spent years living and fishing in and around Bicheno.

Guest chef Andrew Gerstkamp

Guest chef Duncan Winter

Rob hosted the afternoon, treating our guests to in-depth whisky tastings of some of our sold out releases and also shared a drop from our personal whisky collection.  You don't find many as passionate about the whisky making process as Rob.

Our host for the evening, Co-founder and Head Distiller Rob Polmear

It was a privilege to have Aunty Patsy Cameron, a local Elder, join us for the afternoon. Aunty Patsy shared some of her story, told the tale of Wauba Debar, the Tasmanian Aboriginal woman who the place Waubs Harbour (now Bicheno) was named after, and honoured ancestors and custodians of the Oyster Bay nation by dabbing sacred ochre on hands of guests in her Welcome to Country. An incredibly impactful and important moment and we can't thank Aunty Patsy enough.

Local Elder, Aunty Patsy, painting sacred ochre on hands of guests as a sign of respect to ancestors and custodians of the Oyster Bay nation.

Our guests also received first look at our new tasting room and bond stores that are currently being renovated. Our new buildings were once home to an abalone farm and still today have large, concrete salt water tanks which for the afternoon held the live local crayfish, scallops, oysters and urchin, before they became part of our feast.

Guests in our new bond store, seeing their soon-to-be dinner swimming around our concrete salt water tanks.

A memorable afternoon spent with wonderful guests at Waubs Harbour.

Sheila & Patrick Maguire with Aunty Patsy Cameron.

Photography by Andrew Wilson

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We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this Land and respect their culture and identity which has been bound up with the Land, Sea, Waterways and Sky for generations.