Our oceans and land have given us so much for thousands of years. It’s time for this world to give back.

Single malt whisky, by nature, thankfully has a relatively low impact on the environment around us, being made from only four elements - Tasmanian barley, local fresh water, yeast and repurposed casks. However, there’s always more than can be done.

Ocean Cooled Distillery

To save on high energy consumption from large chiller machines, we literally use the salt water from the ocean to cool our equipment during distillation. It’s a genius yet simple system, involving titanium heat exchange to convert the cool ocean water’s energy into an efficient and environmentally friendly cooling system. All made possible by the existing repurposed oyster hatchery infrastructure.

Heat Recovery Efficiency

Our distillery uses heat recovery extensively. As simple as louver windows that cool the distillery with the ocean breeze or alternatively the radiating heat of the stills to warm it. As complex as using cold water in a heat exchange to cool the 100 degree waste water from the stills, which in turn converts the cold water into warm, ready for the next run.

Spent Grain Fed to Pigs

Once our Tasmanian malted barley has been through the mash tun, the spent grain is then given to our local farmers to feed to their pigs and other livestock. “You make more whisky, I’ll buy more pigs.”

We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this Land and respect their culture and identity which has been bound up with the Land, Sea, Waterways and Sky for generations.